Delectable Delights — Berbere-Spiced Salmon


Over on herding cats and burning soup Anna does Tasty Delights and Dazzling Disasters where she shares about playing in the kitchen and having some fun.

I thought I would do something similar and share my kitchen creations with you!



I’m not much of a kitchen person and never liked to cook. I hated how much time it takes to prep, cook, and go shopping for all the ingrediants, then the smell sometimes would turn me off of eating. Eee! 

When I became a mom. I had to change my ways! I started searching online for quick and easy recipes that even I couldn’t mess up. I also found HelloFresh. I have to say my online and HelloFresh experiences have been great. The best thing for me about HelloFresh is I don’t have to go shopping. WOOT!! ^_^

Save $40 on your first Box with my code UB44DH!
Save $40 on your first Box with my code UB44DH!



Today I’ll share with you one of my HelloFresh orders:
Berbere-Spiced Salmon w/ Summer Vegetable and Orzo Salad

Berbers-Spiced Salmon01

Starting Ingredients 

Berbers-Spiced Salmon10

Wash and dry all your vegetables: Dice Zucchini into 1/2inch cubs, halve, peel, and thinly slice the Shallot, cut the Corn Kernels off the cob, halve the Grape Tomatoes, and pick the Parsley Leaves off the stems then coarsely chop.

Berbers-Spiced Salmon09

Berbers-Spiced Salmon08

Berbers-Spiced Salmon07

Cook vegetables: Heat large drizzle of oil in a large pan over high heat (I do medium heat) then add the Corn & Shallot cooking and tossing for 3minutes. Toss in Zucchini and cook 6minutes until softened. Once done remove/set aside into a large bowl.

Berbers-Spiced Salmon06

Berbers-Spiced Salmon05

Boil the orzo for 10minutes until al dente then drain.

Salmon: Season the Salmon on both sides with berbers, salt and pepper. In the same pan as vegetables heat a drizzle of oil over medium heat and cook the Salmon for 5minutes per side until cooked.

Berbers-Spiced Salmon03

Toss the Orzo, Parsley leaves, and Tomatoes into the bowl with the Vegetables and season with salt and pepper if you like (I didn’t season).

Berbers-Spiced Salmon04

Serve it all up!

Berbers-Spiced Salmon02

We LOVED it! 

Want the recipe? Check out HelloFresh’s Recipe!




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  1. Thank’s Kristin. It was really really good. The fist time I ever cooked fish was with a HelloFresh meal. I never know what to do, but the recipes that come are so easy and OMG taste yummy. We just had another fish dish last night. Tasty. Thank’s for stoping in.

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