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2016 Ahoy! Talk Like a Pirate Day



T’day (Sept. 19th) be talk like a pirate day.


Let’s have some fun and enjoy t’ day. I’ve got some fun pirate thin’s planned for you.

Me pirate name be Dirty Anne Flint what be your name? (Get your own pirate name from piratequiz.com) – It seams that I’m t’ pirate everyone else wants t’ throw in t’ ocean — not t’ get rid o’ you, you understand; just t’ get rid o’ t’ smell. Like t’ rock flint, you’re hard and sharp. But, also like flint, you’re easily chipped, and sparky. Arr!


How about this one?


Lets see; me pirate name would be…

Rusty Swindles

What might your pirate name be? I’d love t’ know!




I’m a FAN o’ T’ Pirates o’ T’ Caribbean movies, but I also enjoy watchin’ some old classics like Cutthroat Island, T’ Princes Bride, & Muppet Treaaye Island.

Muppet Treasure Island cutthroat-island-532c90a4a8d66PB1208

At Worlds End On Stranger Tides The Curse of the Black Peral Dead Man's Chest

Avast mates what might be yer shipmate movie picks?




I’ve only read one pirate book, Hook’s Pan, but I do have a few pirate books on me t’ read list.

How about you?

Ahoy, shipmates what might be any an’ all pirate fortune type books do ye want t’ read or be havin’ read?





Avast, me hearties! Don’t be shy, I’d love t’ hear some pirate tails or answer any/all t’ questions above. Have fun on (Spet. 19th) lets talk like a pirate day!

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23 thoughts on “2016 Ahoy! Talk Like a Pirate Day

  1. We watched the four Pirates of the Caribbean movies earlier this year, they sure are fun! And I recently read two books in a great space pirates series. They can be fun to read about or to watch movies about.

    1. Ahoy Sinister Rattle Bones. I like ye scurvy pirate moniker. I woe ye had a ruckas find out ye scurvy pirate moniker ‘n enjoyin’ international speak like a scurvy pirate day. Jolly luck in th’ scurvy pirate giveaway.

  2. Ahoy, Mad Charity Cash. I really like ye moniker ‘n ’tis a great one to be proud ‘o. Lets be off grab a pint ‘n heartly enjoy scurvy pirate day!

  3. Ahoy, Seawolf welcome to scurvy pirate day. I like cap’n Sparrow ‘n can’t wait fer another movie to come out in th’ band ‘o pirates ‘o th’ Caribbean. Have a ruckas day!

  4. I lust th’ ride, band ‘o pirates at Disney. We took our son fer th’ first the hour a few years ago. He loved it too. ‘Tis nice to have a ruckas wit’ family lads ‘n grandkids. Hearty thanks fer enjoyin’ speak like a scurvy pirate day wit’ me.

  5. I do love the POC movies and Hook from OUAT. My first thought when I hear pirates is the Disney World ride. When I was little and it first opened it was so awesome to me. Now that I’ve taken my kids and hopefully my grandkids I love seeing there faces when they get to see it.

  6. I always think of the Frazier episode, when he goes on all these dates, and one of the is all about pirates. It is so funny! Complete with the Arrs! And who doesn’t love Johnny Depp as a pirate?

    1. Oh me, Frazier episode be way back. ’tis be a long the hour since bin seen them episodes. I don’t remember th’ scurvy pirate one, I might have missed it. Johnny Depp, ye can’t be off wrong wit’ him. jolly luck in th’ giveaway!

  7. I love The Muppets and The Princess Bride too. My Pirate name is Sinister or Piranha Felonious. There are 2 first names, for if I used Jen or Jennifer.

    1. Harrharr Piranha Felonious lets head out th’ movies ‘n heartly enjoy th’ Princess Bride. I lust me some sexy band ‘o pirates ‘n lost loves!

    1. Avast me matey! HeHeHe I’ll give a go’ of Pirate by Eve Langlais. Thank’s fer enjoyin’ th’ international speak like a scurvy pirate day wit’ me!

  8. Shiver me timbers! I think someone needs to walk the plank! ARRRH! (I think that’s all I have!)

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