70 thoughts on “SIGN UP: 2019 Library Love Challenge

  1. Good afternoon. I’ve joined this challenge and I can’t wait to start logging more books from the library. Quick question though… I looked at the Goodreads group and it is for 2018. So when I try to log my book, it states that the challenge is over. Is there a Goodreads group for the 2019 challenge?

  2. Hi Angela,
    I came across this Challenge at Jan’s Notes from a Readaholic blog and knew it would be a good idea to sign up – I only read SIX library books last year! And we have a brilliant library that’s struggling to stay open with a Government only too happy to close it – not good enough! So I’m aiming to at least double that number and hopefully do better than that. Thank you so much for hosting this one:))

  3. Last year with a few other challenges I started low and up’d when I could. I hope you have fun and thank you for joining. Love your library!

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