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Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up ~ Jan. 2023


Welcome To January’s Monthly Wrap Up


Happy New Year!  Hope everyone had a great new year celebration.  We stayed home and feel asleep before midnight.  The month started off with rain and it just kept on raining.  So much rain.  California needs it, but man it kept use inside and me bing watching TV.  I didn’t have much desire to read at the beginning of the month.  The kid started tennis lessons near the end of the month once the rain stoped.  He’s also still doing piano lessons.

As for me I did start painting again.  This is my current paint by number.  We have week 1 and week 2 of constant painting while TV watching.

Other then that I didn’t do anything exiting, though I did start reading again, but it’s slow going. I’ve got 5 books read and 1 DNF for January 2023.

Magic Tides (New Release/Bought), Wilde Magic (Freebie), Black Hat, White Witch (Library), The Heretic Royal (Bought), Unleashed (Freebie/DNF), & Accepted (KindleUnlimited)


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4 thoughts on “Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up ~ Jan. 2023

  1. Oh my a cold that’s a bummer. Man a busy month with people visiting. Ya, the peacock painting has a lot of detail. I’m taking a break on it, but will get back into the painting. It’s been cold and when it’s cold I just don’t feel like doing much.
    Thanks for visiting!

  2. Wow… there is so much detail in those paintings that one doesn’t necessarily notice once it’s complete. I look forward to future updates.

    January was a whirlwind. For the first part of the month I was busy helping my daughter recover and adjust to going back to school. Plus my son was still home from college. Then I had a friend visit for a bit. The last week of January finally felt like “normal.” And now I have a cold. BOO!

  3. I was on a tear this January with reading. There was the Series in a Month and Book Club and getting the challenges all started for the New Year. Well you read what is my favorite book for this year so far. Magic Tides.

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