Dragon Wars · Shéa MacLeod

Review: Dragon Warrior (Dragon Wars #1) by Shéa MacLeod



~ 4 Dragon Warrior Stars ~

Dragon Warrior is book one in the Dragon Wars series by Shea MacLeod.

I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this post-apocalyptic adventure. The author thinks outside the box and brings together several unique elements.

I picked this one up; because of the title and the free status. I love dragon’s and was expecting something along the lines of a dragon shifter in hiding or like the movie Dragonheart, but what I got was completely different in that the dragon’s are true fire breathing dragon’s.

I enjoyed the world building, plot, Rain and Micah together and separately. I was surprised by many events and plot twists and turns. The character and world jump off the pages. The author does a fabulous job getting the reader invested into the characters created and pulling you into this interesting world where dragon’s are bad, humans fight for their lives not from just the dragon’s, but from another source that once served to protect, and so much more.

The ending is wonderfully done. Even though we are left with a little cliffhanger and some questions, they just add to the story making me want to pick up the next book to see what happens next, what is reveled, and how will these people change the status quo.

The only thing I felt needed to happen is that things needed to slow down a little more. Without giving things away, some major events happen before the beginning of the book including a potential villain. The way this is shown to us left me hungry for more.

Dragon Warrior is a post-apocalyptic America with some gripping unique twists.


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