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Welcome To My Library


Welcome to my library, the Millbrae Library!


What I like about my library:

It’s got a great atmosphere, it’s warm and open.

Everything is easy to find.

Their online holds is wonderful and easy to use. If you want an eBook or Audio the selection isn’t bad.

Look at these great books I’ve picked up so far this year, 2017, from the library:

The kids area is awesome. It’s so inviting. It’s open. They have a play area and several quiet reading spots. The kids can browse the books easily. My son LOVES it. When kids enjoy the area, you know you have a great spot. 

Take a look below at the kids area at my library:

Friends of the Millbrae Library

One of the fist things I did when I moved to my new location was get my library card and joined the Friends of the Millbrae Library. It’s a great way to help support the library.

I’ve donated several books that I no longer needed. And, inside the library they have a dedicated book store area. I always check out this area every time I go in. I never know what I might find and I’ve picked up some great books, for nothing. 

Check it out: I bought these books at The Friends of the Millbrae Library Book Store:


~ Tell me: What do you like about your library? ~

6 thoughts on “Welcome To My Library

  1. I love my library. I know that I don’t use half of what they have to offer. I mostly do online holds and then run in to pick up my holds. My library is partnered with a ton of other libraries, giving me a huge selection. My library is great about purchasing requests that I’ve given them. The only times they’ve turned me down is when the book (usually an audiobook) isn’t available in the catalogs they buy from (usually Audible books). Libraries ROCK!

    1. I do the same thing Melanie. I put books or movies on hold and just run in to pick them up. I really browse through the adult section. The only time I visit is when I have my son and we go to the kids area and send time playing and picking out books. Mine is also partnered with several other libraries in the greater San Francisco area, so I can pick out books from other locations and have them sent to my library. Thank’s for stopping in and sharing your LOVE of your library. ^_^

  2. I’m not an audio lover, but I do love eBooks and have clicked several ebooks from my library. The online function and features are great. Even if you don’t visit the actual location you can still borrow those audios and ebooks with one click of your mouse.
    Great Samantha that you avidly use your library for those audios. ^_^

  3. I never go to the actual library. I do everything digitally! But, I love that I can get everything from my library with the click of a mouse! How awesome is that! I use it a lot for audiobooks and its wonderful!

  4. I grew up in a small town and the library and selection wasn’t big, but it was nice to have a library. Now that I’m in a big city the selection is much better and I can see the difference between a small town and a big city. No matter what the size a library is still a wonderful place to visit and browse the shelves.

  5. I have yet to check out my new library. Now that I live in the city, I’m hoping the selections would be better and the catalog more expansive.

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