Movie Review: Inferno (2016)


I’ve not read the books by Dan Brown, but I did see The Da Vinci Code and loved it.

I was hoping to get the same intense and engaging feeling as I did with The Da Vinci Code, but unfortunately Inferno lacked in many areas. From what I’ve read on other reviews. Those that read the book will be disappointed in the ending. Even though I didn’t read the book, the ending was too happy, to easy, with everything being wrapped up all nice. 

I did find the overpopulation and Dante’s Inferno plot to be interesting. Dan Brown proposes an elegant solution in the form of a “plague” for the overpopulation issue, which was fascinating. Though we don’t get the overpopulation plot resolved or answered. Theirs also a little love story between Langdon and Sinsky which the movie didn’t need. I also didn’t care for the lead Actress who played Sienna. She lacked personality. As for the movie it wasn’t as intense, engaging, and pull you in as The Da Vinci Code was.

Inferno was an okay movie to watch, but it just didn’t carry the same weight as The Da Vinci Code did.

I borrowed this movie from the library.





8 thoughts on “Movie Review: Inferno (2016)

    1. I do enjoy Tom Hanks too. I was hoping for more, but it wasn’t as thrilling as The Da Vinci Code or Angels & Demons. Still enjoyed watching.

    1. It was enjoyable. Didn’t keep my interest as much as the first movie The Da Vinci Code. Great for a movie night at home.

    1. I hear the book is great. I haven’t read it. It’s more they type of book my hubby will read then me. The movie was good. I wasn’t as engrossed as I was with the first movie out, but still enjoyed.

  1. I agree Mary, we are overpopulated and in need of a little cull. I enjoyed the clues, Dantes circle, and solution to overpopulation. It was entertaining and enjoyable for an evening movie at home.

  2. Have not read the book but I did enjoy this movie. I truly believe we are overpopulated and the human race needs to be culled big time! I thought the clues hidden were fascinating and loved the Dantes circle.

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