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Review: Ultimate Courage (True Heroes #2) by Piper J. Drake


Ultimate Courage is book two in the True Heroes series by Piper J. Drake. We get a little mystery, suspense, and romance.

I enjoyed this one more then the first book, Extreme Honor. The characters appealed to me more. We have Alex, his daughter Boom, his dog Souze, and Elisa.

I find that kids and pets always add something special to a book I’m reading. Very few times am I disappointed or don’t like having them around. Boom, I enjoyed her sassiness. Souse, I liked how he understood Elisa and also Alex. As for the story it was nice, but the pacing was all over the place, dragging in some areas and moving way to fast in others.

As for the romance between Elisa and Alex’s it was sweet; though it does move quickly. I did enjoy how Alex approached Elisa. It suited the situation she was in. Alex well he’s dealing with PTSD and being a single parent. As things progress we get to see his PTSD and how it’s affect him. Souze tied in nicely and helped both Elisa and Alex work out their issues.

The book was decent, but things took a turn at the end that was a little upsetting and the issues where so unnecessary. One, someone is out to get his girl, but when a person shows up spouting out stuff that you haven’t seen any evidence of and you believe this person over your girl. No, just wrong and sad! Two, one week you guys are together and you believe the most heinous thing about your girl, but then suddenly everything is all a ok and we are moving in together. Sigh!! All of this is within the last 15% of the book.

This will be my last read in the series. I started the series with book 3, but had to put it down; because it tied into the first two and I was miss connections and more, so I deiced to read from the beginning. Well book one was just Eh and two was Ok. So with that I’ve deiced to drop the series and not even attempt to read book three again.

Rated: 3 Stars

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8 thoughts on “Review: Ultimate Courage (True Heroes #2) by Piper J. Drake

  1. You know, I enjoyed this book, but it wasn’t AMAZING. And, I just tried to pick up a book in this author’s other series and it totally didn’t work for me. Too many books and too little time!

    1. I did catch your review on the book you tried of hers. This author didn’t win me over with this series. I don’t think I’ll be picking up another one of her’s anytime soon. Just to many books and so little time!

  2. I try to be honest about how I feel about a book. I feel it’s important to point out in a nice way what you found that didn’t work for you and also to share what you did enjoy. I prefer reading reviews that are honest and not nasty. I’m happy that you find my reviews helpful and honest.

    I won’t be reading more in the True Heroes series. I wasn’t sold. I did enjoy Ultimate Courage, but out of three books it’s the only one that I liked. If I’m not sold by the 2 or 3 book I usually drop the series. Their is just to much out their to read and I prefer to find something that works for me.

    As for authors some can handle the honesty and others not so much. It won’t deter me from continuing to share what I like and didn’t about a book.

  3. I love your honesty with reviews. That is the best to me. Some people never put what they really feel into books they read. To me, you do. I myself put my honesty into them. I only ever gave one bad one. Well kind of. I love the books but the errors were horrendous!1 The author did not like that after I told her what I loved about the series of which I read every book in the series! I was not nasty or mean and put it on Amazon. You make your reviews fun to read and I thank you for that.

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