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#1 – Book Hate

Recently I ran across a post from It Starts at Midnight that talked about Topics I Need More Of. One such topic was Books We Hate. You read that right, HATE. We all have run across books that we have hated for one reason or another, either we finished it or we DNF’d it.

No one really wants to talk about those books. I get it! It’s not easy to share the ones we don’t like. We all like to talk about the books we loved, those that kept us up way past midnight, or even made us skip a work day to just read, but I’m here today and hopeful will post more posts on those books that “I HAVE HATED.”

The Definition of hate from Dictionary.com

The books featured below for one reason or another I HATED. Yes, you are reading this post correctly. I had one or more issues with each book. You may have read them and enjoyed or you could be like me and you hated them too or even after this post you may still want to try them. I’m not saying don’t try, but I’m giving you my reasons to avoid them all together. 

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Winter’s Heat

This was my first DNF on the blog that I featured and wrote about back in 2015. I picked it up when it was free.

I’ve heard some good things about the Titan series, which has eight books in it now, and Cristin Harber, so since the book was free I deiced to give it go.

48% in and it was not working out. The character’s didn’t work for me. Our lead hero is an elite military guy, yet he did some stupid things which didn’t fit with what he was. If you are military you wouldn’t have done what he did to try and keep our heroine safe. Wasn’t buying his status as a military man. 

Then we have their first kiss. It came at a point when the characters hardly knew each other and the moment wasn’t right for them to be getting physical, just too soon for my liking.  

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Copper King

This was another DNF and free ebook I picked up. I do love those one-clicks that pop up for free, so I don’t feel so bad about DNFing, but still this one had some major no no’s for me.

First the lead couple in this story slept together for a one night stand, but they didn’t use a condom. That’s right no protection with a one-night stand. HELL NO. They are shifters, but the author doesn’t give us any indication that they couldn’t get prego.

I also had no connection to the characters. And, the heroine I couldn’t figure out. Why did she snuck out? Why was it her last hurrah? Is she dying? She in an arranged marriage? 

Too many questions and an OH SHIT moment that might be coming. This was all within the first 39% of the book; before I said I’m done. 

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Planet Mail

As you can tell by the first two books featured I love picking up free ebooks.

Planet Mail was another freebie I picked up. OMG I read this one all the way to the end and wish I hadn’t. I was so upset throughout and by the end I was pissed off. No, just avoid this one.

My main issue is the heroine has a son who she needs to get back to on earth, but she doesn’t try very hard to return home. What she does do is let all these men sexually pleasure her. Every page was some type of sex act. I have no issues with sex. I like some erotic. I like well written sex scenes, but I hate when a women doesn’t put her kid first.

Also at one point she says she can fight, but when the time comes she lets bad men grab her and doesn’t even get a punch in. Then in another scene she is in the training grounds and puts her man on the ground. No consistency.

This one was so disappointing. 

Check out my review here[/su_note]




Have you read these books?
What books do you hate?



16 thoughts on “#1 – Book Hate

  1. I’ve had some DNF and 2 star reviews over the last few years, but rarely books i really would say I hate. I do always post my 2 star reviews on my blog, but the DNF reviews I usually only post on Goodreads or I do a round up post now and then. I can definitely see why these books didn’t work for you. With all the good books we read, it makes sense that sometimes we also have books that don’t work for us.

  2. Yeah, I think the book blogging community doesn’t want to hurt authors’ feelings, but seriously–some books just are bad. The only books that really stand out to me as books I hated were ones I had to read in school. i think if I’m reading for myself, I just put it down and move on with my life, but when you HAVE to finish it and then HAVE to discuss it or write about it, it stays with you. Luckily I do like a lot of classics, but Ethan Frome, One Thousand Years of Solitude, and Heart of Darkness all did me in.

    1. I agree Wendy… Bloggers don’t want to hurt an authors’ feelings, but also I think bloggers (not all) are afraid of getting negative comments or those hatters that like to rant, so we try to avoid topics that will bring them.

      I have trouble DNFing books even if they are bad or not working. It’s something I’ve had to work at. I still have to tell myself it’s ok to put the book down and move on. Those books that really get you mad or have something you can stand will stick with you.

      Thank’s for stopping in and commenting.

  3. It’s been 50/50 for me on the freebies. If it’s a well known author then it usually turns out ok, but those new authors sometimes not so well. Thank’s Nicole for stopping in.

  4. A horse shifter WOW. That’s something new. I haven’t found one with a horse shifter in it, yet. That would sound interesting. What a bummer it didn’t work out. Those covers can sure get ya, especially if they have a really nice one, but then the inside just isn’t all that great. Mary, always a pleasure to have you stoping in and commenting.

  5. Several bloggers I follow read Copper King and gave it between 3 & 4 stars, but dang I just couldn’t. I haven’t tried anything else by Vivian Arend yet. I think if you don’t have a great first experience you tend to avoid those authors even if they write other things or more then one series.

  6. They sure weren’t pleasant. I’m learning to DNF books wither they are free, bought, or review ones that just aren’t working. It’s hard to stop even if you don’t like it. I would suffer through too, but their is just so much to read and I’m giving myself that peep talk that it’s ok to DNF..

  7. I had one like that too where everyone loved the book, but I just couldn’t get into it. The main characters didn’t appeal to me and the story was weird, so I DNF’d it. Thank’s for sharing a book that didn’t do it for you.

  8. I haven’t read any of these! But, I hate Sea of Tranquility and everyone else seems to think its the most amazing book! I gave up on it because it was just boring and weird. Too many books, too little time!

  9. Don’t remember ever seeing any of these books.they don’t even sound good or interesting. I agree with you. Shared on my socials!

  10. I have never read these. There was one book that just did not do it for me and for the life of me, I don’t even remember the name of it. I do know it was about a horse shifter community. I love my shifter books big time. I tried with the book and after a few chapters just couldn’t do it. The cover was beautiful with a lovely black stallion on it to. However, the book just did not work for me.

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