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TTT: Books That Have Been On My TBR the Longest

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[su_note note_color=”#c1d8e3″ text_color=”#000000″]February 6: Books That Have Been On My TBR the Longest and I Still Haven’t Read[/su_note]

Currently I’ve got 1275 books on my TBR. I’m trying to just add the first book in a series and if I do read that first book, then add the next, if I plan to read on. When I first set up Goodreads back in 2012; well that wasn’t the case. I added every book in the series. Now I’m trying to fix that, but that’s not today’s question. Today we are showcasing our Top 10 Books that have been on our TBR the longest. Interested in seeing my full list of my to read books on Goodreads? Check it out here!

  1. Never Again (Wizards of Nevermore, #1)
  2. Darkness Dawns (Immortal Guardians, #1)
  3. Master of Darkness (Mageverse, #9)
  4. Kiss of Pride (Deadly Angels, #1)
  5. And One Last Thing …
  6. Ascension (Guardians of Ascension, #1)
  7. Deliver Me from Temptation(Paladin Warriors, #2)
  8. Primal Heat (Includes: Breeds, #8.5; Devlin Dynasty, #1; Moon Lust, #1)
  9. Last Kiss Goodnight(Otherworld Assassin, #1)
  10. A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy, #1)



What books have been on your TBR the longest? I’d love to hear from you!


16 thoughts on “TTT: Books That Have Been On My TBR the Longest

  1. I don’t feel so bad about my TBR mountain anymore. I think I have about that many as well. I hope you get a chance to read all of these! I really enjoyed A Discovery of Witches, although I know not everyone did. Sandra Hill’s Deadly Angels series (of which I’ve read two) didn’t impress me, but I like the premise behind it. I haven’t read any of the others, but they do sound tempting!

    1. I just finished the audio for Sandra Hill’s Deadly Angels book one. I wasn’t overly impressed by it either. I might try book two, but I’m in no hurry. Almost all the bloggers and a few followers say they have liked A Discovery of Witches. I hope I get to read them all one day, but probably never will and I’m ok with that. Thank’s for visiting and commenting. It’s always nice to hear from others.

  2. I did try Sandara Hill’s Angel Vampires book I have featured. It was ok. I’m not sure if I’m going to continue at least not right now. I had fun, but also it was corny and I was confused a lot. Ya, Duvall has been on my list forever. I’ve featured her books, but haven’t tired them. It’s fun to look back and you might say hay I’m in the mood to try this. ^_^

  3. I LOVE the All Souls Trilogy. It is a great series. I love the covers of the Otherworld Assassins covers. I think I tried book one and thought it was okay, but didn’t continue to series. I really want to try the Molly Harper book. I love her. Dianne Duvall has been on my TBR forever. I don’t know what has been on my TBR the longest. I don’t know that I want to know. LOL

  4. I have to say that Darkness Dawns is a must to read! The whole series is awesome! I have read them all and I really think you will like them. As for books on my list the longest, I don’t really have any as of yet. I have books that I have not yet read or ordered from the author. Those I keep looking at the longest. 🙂

  5. A deadly angels series by Sandra hill,Chicago land vampires by chole Neill and eternal mates by felicity heaton! Shared on all my socials!!

    1. Oh those are all nice series and authors to try. I’m currently listening to Darkness Dawns (Immortal Guardians, #1) by Sandra Hill. Almost finished the Chicagoland Vampires series by Chloe Neill have the last book to read and as for Eternal Mates that one I’m all caught up with and can’t wait for more. ^_^ Thank’s Kathy for visiting and sharing!

  6. A Discovery of Witches I read and its really , REALLY long and I don’t think I’d read another book in the series (I got it free but I don’t remember why or where from it was that long ago and I think I gave the book away to someone, I only keep books I’ll re-read)

    1. FREE books are the best. You seem more likely to try them out when you get them for free. I’ve heard good things about A Discovery of Witches, that’s why it got on my TBR. I’m like you. I only keep the books I’ll re-read. I tend to giveaway the ones I know I won’t read again.

  7. Yes, I wish I could read more then wheat I do. I feel sad for the books on my TBR and know I won’t get to them all, but I like that I can keep a list in one location. That’s one of the great things about Goodreads I actually have a list I can see and look through, before it was a spreadsheet now it’s more organized and has pretty book covers. ^_^

  8. OMG, I think I’ve had the Discovery of Witches on my TBR forEVER! I don’t think I finished the Otherworld Assassin even though I’m a huge GS fan. I can’t remember why. I need to go back and finish that up. You’ve got some authors there that have been on my list for some time. Don’t you wish you could read fast enough to get through your TBR? I feel like those poor books that have been on there forever are just never going to make it to the top.

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