Movie Review: Hidden Figures (2016)


Hidden Figures is a positive and inspiring tale about the role three African-American women played in the NASA program.

I LOVED this movie. It had me experience, so many different emotions. These women where amazing. What they did and how they changed the NASA program was spectacular. This story is based on a book, a true story, which I’ve not read, but the movie was superb. The performances where truly exceptional. It’s educational, but entertaining. Affirmative without being preachy and family friendly in a straightforward way.

Hidden Figures is a treasure. Full of heroism and hidden doubts.

Borrowed from my local library! 




10 thoughts on “Movie Review: Hidden Figures (2016)

  1. Awesome review angela!!! I can’t wait to see this movie!! Shared on all my socials!!

  2. I hear the books not as riveting as the movie. Thought some say it’s worth reading if you enjoy those books. I really loved this movie and now I’ll see it again. These women where empowering. What they did and accomplished in their time, when things where difficult for all blacks and even more so for women

  3. I loved the movie and I want to read the book. Enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes of NASA.

    1. I was curious when it came out in the Theater, but I hardly go anymore. I usually wait for it to come out on BluRay or DVD then request from my library. I loved this one. They have family, struggles, and found a way to do more. It’s one I highly suggest seeing.

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