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TMST: 5 Popular Series I Haven’t Tried & 5 That Didn’t Appeal

Tell Me Something Tuesday is brought to you by Rainy Day Ramblings. Each week their is a new question to talk about. This week’s question is an interesting one that I found I could break down and share my want too’s and my nope’s. 

[su_note note_color=”#ecd7d7″ text_color=”#000000″]July 31st: What are some popular series you haven’t tried or have and stopped because they just don’t appeal to you?[/su_note]

I thought I’d share with you today 5 series I haven’t tried and want too and 5 series that I tried, but they didn’t work for me.

What are some popular series you haven’t tried? 
These below are popular ones many of my blogger friends say I should try. I hope to give them a go one day.

Hunter Legends Series
Fever Series
Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon Series
Sentinels of New Orleans Series
Immortals After Dark Series


What are some popular seres you have tried and stopped; because they just don’t appeal to you?
I’ve given the series listed below a go, but for some reason they just didn’t work for me. I got to book 4 in the Charley Davidson series. I will say I like the books, but it just hasn’t captured my attention. It’s not a priority to continue, especially when I have other series and books I REALLY want to read. The Hollows series I tried years ago before I started blogging and I ended up DNF book one. I’ve been considering giving the books a try again, but it’s not at the top of my list. As for the others listed below, my reviews, speak for themselves and I won’t be reading or listening to anymore in those series.

Charley Davidson Series
Redwood Pack Series
Broken Destiny Series
The Hollows Series
Titan Series



I’d love to hear from you!
Let me know your answer to the question above.


[su_note note_color=”#ecd7d7″ text_color=”#000000″]August 7th: For those who don’t have time to reread series, what would you reread when you found the time? [/su_note]


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12 thoughts on “TMST: 5 Popular Series I Haven’t Tried & 5 That Didn’t Appeal

  1. I really didn’t care for the Broken Destiny Series! Couldn’t get into it! Shared on all my socials!!

  2. Thank’s for sharing Anne! Ah yes The Blackdagger Brotherhood. I stoped after book 9 and won’t be returning to that series either.

  3. I’ve read and loved the Fever series up to the initial ending. I’ve heard good and bad about the continuing so that is still on my wish list other than that I need more fingers and toes then I have to list them all. 🙂

  4. I’ve read 4 of the 5 you haven’t tried (not Kresley Cole’s). I gave up on all of them except for the Suzanne Johnson, but that’s not a must read. When I run across them at the library I will pick them up.

    I finished the Kim Harrison series and liked it until then end, but not enough to reread. The Charley Davidson kind of lost me when Charley went sex obsessed and the plot lines got a little rambly though I do plan to finish it since there’s only one more book. haven’t read the other three. Gave up on frost after the Cat and Bones series ended. I didn’t love the two books I read in the Vlad series.

    One series people love that I (and my sister) could never get into are the Anne Rice vampire books. I tried reading two or three of them and gave up within a few pages. The Blackdagger Brotherhood by J. Ward is a series I gave up on. The baddies aren’t scary and the books rehash the same trip over and over. The big, strong heroes are such little boys with their swearing and stomping around.

  5. I wasn’t a fan of the Broken Destiny series either. I only listened to the first book and didn’t try the others. I haven’t read a lot of the series you mentioned you haven’t read. I started Fever, but never finished. I’ve been reading IAD, but that might be coming to an end. I do love The Hollows and Charley Davidson (though I’m glad to see it ending, I just don’t see it going on longer than it has currently. It’s time). Fun post.

    1. I only tried the Broken Destiny because it’s one of my favorite authors. I mean I loved her Night Huntress, Night Huntress World, & Night Prince series. So I thought I’d like the Broken Destiny too. Also several of the bloggers I follow liked it. I couldn’t get through the first book and ended up DNFing it. Sad =(! Ya several love The Hollows and Charley Davidson. I just can’t bring myself to continue the Charley Davidson series. I enjoyed the ones I listened too, but it just hasn’t captured me like wanted it too and as for The Hollows I tried book one years ago, but for some reason it didn’t click. I might give it a go again. Thank’s Melanie for visiting and sharing with me on your books.

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