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Tell Me Something Tuesday: Recent Romantic Reads

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This weeks question: 

What are some of your favorite recent romantic reads?


Drakon’s Tear is book six in the Blood of the Drakon series by N.J. Walters. Each book in the series add’s a little more detail, adventure, and questions that you can’t help but wonder the answers too. The series and stories are all insta mate/love stories. They are also predictable, but still good. Sometimes predictable is enjoyable. Drakon’s Tear added a new element that we haven’t seen in the series and I very much enjoyed that new element.









Light My Fire is book seven in the Dragon Kin series by G.A. Aiken. I’ve previously read the whole series, but started back in Dec. and into this year listening to the Dragon Kin series. I adore the crazy over the top dragons and their women. Their is some great banter and funny conversations besides the romance. 









I recently discovered Maisey Yates. I’m really enjoying her Gold Valley series. My last listen was Untamed Cowboy. I had a delightful time. I like the town, the people, and the world. The audio is very enjoyable and a nice listen. The feeling of hope and happiness carried throughout the novel. I loved that Dallas, (the kid he didn’t know about), entered Bennett’s life prior to the romance relationship starting; many times it’s the other way around and it puts unneccesary stress on the relationship.









I love Thea Harrison and I’ve read all her books. I’m now working on listening to the novels and one I just finished was Moonshadow the first book in the Moonshadow series. I love the world and characters. The audio felt like the first time reading the book. The story is intense, action-packed, and full of memorable and magnificent characters. It’s suspenseful, powerful, and cruel. The story moves quickly, sucks you in, and is well balanced with the right amount of humor, passion, and love. I couldn’t put the book down.









These are the recent romances that made me smile. Tell me, what romances have you read as of late that you would recommend?


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14 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Tuesday: Recent Romantic Reads

  1. I love the Dragon Kin series so much. I just saw that she has a new series with centaurs set in the same world, but I don’t think there will be any crossover in characters, at least not at first (based on her newsletter). I can’t wait to see what it is.

    1. Ya, I read her newsletter too and that she’s got a new series coming in the same world. I’m excited to try it out. Thank’s for stopping in.

  2. Great picks angela! My picks would be
    Ensnared by Rebecca riVard it’s from the Blood courtesan series
    Frostbite from the hunter chronicles by claire Marta
    And anything from Lauren smith

    1. Her dragons are over the top, but that’s what I love about them. It’s so ridicules their banter that I can’t help but enjoy. I hope you enjoy. I’m liking the audios.

  3. I have to agree with NJ Waters books. It really was a fantastic book and series since I have read them all! Also, I really loved the series Night Prowler by J.T. Gessinger they should have a mention as well. Excellent books!!

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