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Monthly Library Love – June 2018

Here is a look at my June’s Library Love.
This month is dedicated to all things kids. Summer is out and we are working on reading and participating in the Summer Reading Program.
The library is a great place to pick up New & Old releases in books, movies, manga, audiobooks, magazines, and more. Check out all the wonderful items I picked up this month.

The 2019 Library Love Challenge is in full swing. Please consider joining!

Total Saved in June: $613.38
(Books & Movie prices based on Amazon pricing.)


MoviesThe House With A Clock in Its Walls, Storks, Bohemian RhapsodyMortal Engines, Christopher Robin, & Bumble Bee.


Kid Movies – LEGO Movie 2, Pokemon the Series XYZ, Pokemon the Movie I Choose You!, Pokemon Black & White Set 4, Blaze and the Monster Machines High-Speed Adventures, Lego Next Knights Season 1, Lego Next Knights Season 2, LEGO The Adventures of Clutch Powers, Pokemon Destiny Deoxys, Pokemon 4ever, Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, Pokemon the First Movie 2000, Pokemon Heroes The Movie, Pokemon Jirachi Wish Maker, & Pokemon Volcanion Mechanical Marvel.


Kid Books – Wherever You Go, Batman Is Fast!, Ready Set Sail!, I Wish You More, The Good for Nothing Button, Drop It Rocket!, Batman Will Save the Day!, Float Flutter, Where is Robin!, Busy Bug Builds A Fort, LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Phonics, Hamster Holmes, Ninja Red Riding Hood, The Three Ninja Pigs, Daniel Visits the Library, Bugs at the Beach, Thank You Day, Chicken on Vacation, Look I Can Read!, There’s A Fly Guy in My Soup, Batman Dawn of the Dynamic Due, Batman Versus the Riddler, Batman’s Guide to Being Cool, Batman’s Missions, Better Call Batman!, I Am Batman, TEAM Batman, Because I’m Your Dad, *Being Batman, Octonauts and the Scary Spookfish, A Pig A Fox and Stinky Socks, Airplanes: Soaring! Diving! Turning!, Dude!, Hedgehog Needs a Hug, I Like My Car, Kipper, & The Snowflake Mistake.


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    1. It sure is. Our library is doing the program all online and threw an app. You still can do paper, but they are trying to move away.
      Love my library.

  1. Awesome library haul for you and the kids!!! Shared on my socials!????

    Have a fabulous weekend angela!????

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