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Book Tag ~ This or That (Round 2)


Found this tag on a GREAT read she found the tag at Fiction No Chaser who saw it at at The Artsy Reader. I’ve previously done a This or That Book Tag, but this one had different questions, so here we are.

Book Tag ~ This or That (Round 2)

Series or Standalones?

Series – I love diving into a world and characters. 

Magic Earned or Magic Born?

Magic Born – I like this the best, but I also like the other too.

Enemies to Lovers or Friends to Lovers?

Enemies to Lovers – I don’t read many of either of these, but to give an answer I’d go with the Enemies to Lovers.

Hilarious Banter or Emotional Ruin?

Hilarious Banter – I like a good back and forth dialogue.

Love Triangle or Insta Love?

Insta Love – Two of the worst love situations. I don’t care for either, but I do read more Insta. I avoid Love Triangles. 

Keyboard Smash Names or All Names Start with the Same Letter?

All Names Start with the Same Letter – I like to be able to pronounce the names.

Mean Parents or Dead Parents?

Dead Parents – Parents are supposed to love and cherish you.

Supermodel Looks or Constantly Says How “Plain” They Are?

Constantly Says How “Plain” They Are – Ahhh another tough one. Having the author remind us they are plain. Plain is subjective, just like beauty. When I read supermodel looks I’m more apt to not connect to them.

Face on Cover or Typography on Cover?

Typography – The models rarely represent the characters correctly. 

Villain Turning a Little Good or Hero Turning a Little Bad?

Villain Turning a Little Good 

Best Friend Dies or Love Interest Dies?

Best Friend Dies – That’s another tough one. If the love interest dies then do you have a romance. Now if the best friend dies you have a history and healing and a way for lovers to connect or relate. 

Awesome Writing with a Dull Plot or Amazing Plot with a Murderously Bad Writing?

Amazing Plot with Bad Writing – My goodness are these questions difficult. If I can’t get into the story aka the plot, I am likely to DNF the book. So, plot matters more.

Cliffhanger Ending or Heartbreaking Ending?

Cliffhanger Ending – AHHHHH!!! Ok, Ummm. Ya, Cliffhanger though I do get frustrated with cliffhangers; especially if the next book isn’t out. With a cliffhanger you know more is to come, but with a heartbreak it will always stay.

Breaking the Spine or Dog-Earing the Pages?

Breaking the Spine – Neither. Dear god. Noooooooooo But, to choose I’d do spine.

“Bad Boy” Trope or “Perfect Golden Boy” Trope as the Love Interest?

Bad Boy – I love a good bad boy.


Lordy this tag was harsh.
I’d love to hear from you. What are your answers?


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  1. I agree about cover models not representing characters accurately. That always makes me wonder if cover artists actually read the books they design. Sometimes the models look nothing like how the characters are described.

    1. I wish cover designers would pay more attention to the description the author gives on their characters. It’s so frustrating when a character looks nothing like the description in the book and we have them on the cover. Thank’s for visiting!

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