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Top 10 Book Characters of 2020

It’s time for the Top 10 of 2020 and we hope you will join in.  Thank you to Books of My Heart for hosting the Top 10 of 2020.  This Top 10 is Book Characters from books released in 2020.  The ones I picked aren’t the leads, there the side characters.  Having a good side character can add to the story and enjoyment.  In no particular order here are my picks for Top 10 Book Characters of 2020. (Pictures lead to reviews)


Top 10 Book Characters of 2020

Gertrude Hunt is featured in the Innkeeper Chronicles. Now there are a lot of wonderful characters in this series, but the Inn is one of my favorites. I love houses that are alive in their own unique way.

Ambrose is featured in The Potentate of Atlanta. He is Hadley’s shadow or entity that is tied to her. With this redemption series for Hadley I’ve come to enjoy Ambrose aka the shadow. He’s a fun character and an unapologetic killer that makes me laugh.

Sindari a Magical White Tiger. He’s Val’s side-kick, friend, & bodyguard in the Death Before Dragons series. He’s a fun one to have around. 


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What are some of your Top 10 Book Characters of 2020?


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