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Tell Me Something Tuesday: Spring Reading 2021 (March – May)

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[su_note note_color=”#dee7eb” radius=”4″]2/23/2021: What books are you looking forward to reading in Spring 2021 (March – May)?[/su_note]

I don’t plan my reading out. I go with the flow and what I’m feeling like. Lately it’s been a bunch of Sci-Fi Romance with some Urban Fantasy slipped in. Now, there are few new releases coming out in March – May 2021 that I’m looking forward to reading and hopeful I will get to them this year (2021) if not this Spring. Let’s take a look!




[su_note note_color=”#dee7eb” radius=”4″]3/2/2021: What are your favorite tips and/or tools to help keep your blogging (or real life) organized?[/su_note]


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6 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Tuesday: Spring Reading 2021 (March – May)

  1. I love that you just go with the flow. I’m so TYPE-A, I have to have a plan. It stresses me out if I don’t. I am a list maker, and I have three lists for my reading alone!!

    1. WOW 3 lists for reading… I never could get into the planning for reading. I just wasn’t my thing. I’ve been very happy as a mood reader. Thank’s for visiting!

  2. Ya, planning my reading just doesn’t work. I’m so a mood reader, but these titles coming are on my list to read for Spring other then that it’s whatever catches my eye. Thank’s for visiting!

  3. I’ve got so many that I want to get to for spring that I’m pretty sure they will carry over into summer and even fall. Wild Sign by Patricia Briggs is my most anticipated spring read.

    1. I’ve got a big list of older titles I’d like to read and Briggs is on it, but for new releases in Spring these are the ones I’m looking forward too. I don’t plan my reading, just go with the flow. Happy Reading!

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