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Tell Me Something Tuesday: Thought About Quitting Blogging?

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[su_note note_color=”#ebf1f2″ radius=”4″]3/30/2021: Have you ever thought of quitting blogging? What made you reconsider the idea?[/su_note]


The thought of quitting blogging has passed through my mind a lot in the last two years. Before COVID-19 hit I was not feeling the blog. I’d lost my drive to read and review. I’d lost interest in the blog; because of how much time it takes to set up a post, a review, or even anything. Blogs are time consuming. Then COVID-19 hit and I really hit a slump. So, yes I’ve thought about quitting the blog a lot.

As for reconsidering; I really don’t know what had me reconsidering or not pulling the plug on the blog. For some reason I just couldn’t fully give it up. It’s an outlet. A getaway. A place to share books and authors I’m interested in.

I think what helped me was that I decided to slowed things down on the blog for a while. I took a mini-break(s). I started to limit my posts for a while. I used to post everyday, but deiced to not do that. 

Will I ever quit blogging? I don’t know! I think the mini-breaks and not taking on too much (as I did when I started) has helped refresh me and saved me from quitting. As for reading and reviewing lets just say I still run into slumps and issues on that front. I’ve come to realize it’s ok to not write a full review on every book I read. 

So here we are. The blog will go on. Slumps will happen. Life will happen. 


[su_note note_color=”#ebf1f2″ radius=”4″]4/6/2021: If you could live anywhere in the real world, where would you move?[/su_note]


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4 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Tuesday: Thought About Quitting Blogging?

  1. Ya, finding that balance is the key and what works for you as a blogger. Thank’s Jen. I’m glad to still be around.

  2. Yes… I find it interesting how most of us realize that we can take a break and still continue to blog. Coming to terms with what works on an individual level is what makes sustained blogging work! So glad you are still around!

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