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2021 Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag


Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag


Best book(s) you’ve read in 2021?

The Stone God, Hunt of the Dragon, Blood Heir, & The Princess Knight.

New Release(s) you haven’t read yet, but you want to (release(s) that are out)?

Damsel in a Dress Book #5, Scorched by Darkness Book #18, & The Last Warrior Book #13.


Most anticipate release(s) for the second half of the year (not out yet)? 

Breaking Badger, Waking of the Witch, & Last Guard. 


Most surprising book(s) of this year?

I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked The Stone God. After it was over I wanted to dive into the next book, but its not out until next year. 


Most beautiful book(s) you have bought this year?

Audiobooks: Burn Bright, Wild Sign, Oracle’s Moon, & Blood Heir.
(These are book covers below)

eBooks: The Stone God, Silver Silence, Wolf Gone Wild, & Scorched by Darkness.


This tag has many more questions you can do for it.  If you’d like to see all the question then check out my Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag for 2018.  I just picked a few questions to share on what I’ve enjoyed this year (2021) and what I’m still looking forward too. 


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4 thoughts on “2021 Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag

  1. Oh, The Stone Gods looks interesting… My favorite books so far this year are probably An Unexpected Earl by Anna Harrington, The Knockout Rule by Kelly Siskind, Accidentally Engaged by Farah Heron, and Wild Sign by Patricia Briggs.

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