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Top 10 New to Me 2022

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Top 10 New to Me 2022


I tried several new to me authors and series this year.  Here are the ones I enjoyed the most and plan to check out more by the authors.

The Other Realm by Heather G. Harris; I binged the 4 books in the series. They were loads of fun and I loved our lead character.
Midnight Empire: The Tower by Annabel Chase; I binged the 4 books in the series and then dived into other books in the same world. Great UF! Action-packed and kept me coming back.
Prime Mating Agency by Regine Abel; is a fun sci-fi alien romance series.
Legacy by McKenzie Hunter; is a fun UF series. I’ve been listening to the 4 books. I very much like the audiobooks for this series.
Grim by M.K. Eidem; was a great sci-fi romance read. The aliens don’t know how to act and the females of the alien race are very selfish. I adored our single-mother and the building romance with Grim. I plan to read more.
Touched by Fire by Kel Carpenter; I totally plan to read more in this series. Great UF. The characters are engaging, its entertaining and fast paced.
Mates of the Kaluma #1) by Ella Maven; I binged the 4 books in the series. I was delighted, entertained, & enthralled by this Sci-Fi Alien Romance.
(Pictures lead to Amazon & most of the books are in KindleUnlimited)


I’d love to hear what your picks are!


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6 thoughts on “Top 10 New to Me 2022

  1. I read a novella set in the Grim world and made me want to go back for the rest of the series. I think the mid-life magical women’s fic series Elizabeth Hunter did is the one I want to go back and finish from my list. But, lord, there are a ton more that I started this year that I definitely want to finish the series and go on to the rest of their backlist.

    1. I like the New To Me topic. I’m always trying to get through my TBR and it has a lot of new stuff and authors on it. With KU I’ve finally been able to check out a bunch of new to me stuff. Thanks for visiting! Have a great weekend.

  2. I know it’s early, but I didn’t get a post together for characters, so I just moved my posts up a day for the rest of the 2022 top 10. Thanks for visiting!

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