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ARC Review: I Dream of Dragons (Boston Dragons #1) by Ashlyn Chase



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I Dream of Dragons is book one in the Boston Dragons series by Ashlyn Chase. I love dragons and anytime I find a book either with dragons in it or a title that says dragons, I pick it up. I have to say this was an amusing read with quite an interesting cast of characters.

I have read Ashlyn Chase before with her Strange Neighbors series. I was mildly surprised and entertained to learn that the apartment building and cast of characters from Strange Neighbors are featured prominently in this story. It was nice to see those characters again.

Amber, human and a flight attendant has her world turned up-side down and gets a crash course in being part of the supernatural world. I’m glad she did not freak out, but went along with the flow and stood her ground at times.

Roy, dragon, handsome, and an infuriating Irishman. He is head of his clan, which gives him the responsibility to look after his two younger sisters, so when they get kicked out of their ancestral home in Ireland, well they never expected to end up where they did.

Amber and Roy, you see the sparks fly, but first they must butt heads. I loved what happened between them as they try to outwit the other, but end up falling for each other instead.

What kept me glued to the pages and entertained was the amusing dialogue/conversations that the cast of characters had. I just couldn’t put the book down even with the weird plot/story, because of the hilarious conversations the characters had and that Mother Nature was a riot.

What Did Not Work:
First, the title is a little miss leading; because their is no dreaming in this book. Second, we have dragons, but Rory only shifted once and not in front of his lady love. Third, the reason the dragons where kicked out was a little weak. Last, it felt like we did not have much of a plot, the pacing and flow where a bit off and some other things felt weird or off to me.

I Dream of Dragons turned out to be a lighthearted and delightfully good book to read. I had a few laughs and might be check out the next book in the Boston Dragon’s series.

*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary ARC copy provided by Sourcebooks Casablanca via NetGalley with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

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4 thoughts on “ARC Review: I Dream of Dragons (Boston Dragons #1) by Ashlyn Chase

  1. Dragons get me every time. I see a dragon on the cover, in the title, or the blurb and I’m already curious. It was a bit odd the hero didn’t shift in front of his lady love. He did shift in the story (thou it was a brief shift), just not in front of her. Also the plot was a little odd. It was still quiet enjoyable and I hope to check out book two.

  2. Thanks Kathy. The Dragon in the title got me along with the blurb. I’ve read Ashlyn before so I had an idea of her writing style. It was a fun one. I hope to read book two when it comes out.

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