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Review: Your Lycan or Mine? (Broken Heart #14) by Michele Bardsley



** Read as part of the Hearts Of Darkness Box Set. **

The blurb currently listed on Goodreads for this title is not correct, but it’s correct on the box set and at the retail sites. As for the title I don’t think it fits the story; since the only Lycan featured is Ash’s friend and he is a secondary character.

This story is about Ash & Jarod. Both characters have been featured previously in the Broken Heart series as secondary characters, now they get their own story. It’s been a while since I’ve read a Broken Heart series book. This one was not the best, but enjoyable enough. The author does a nice job recapping information you need, so you can enjoy this story on it’s own.

The adventure was exciting and kept the story going. As for the romance it was fast and quick with no time to really develop the romance from lust to love. The characters are drawn to each other and have the lust, but I never felt that lust turn into more.

I had a delightful time reading this story. It’s a quick read.

Rated: 3 Stars

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4 thoughts on “Review: Your Lycan or Mine? (Broken Heart #14) by Michele Bardsley

  1. Ya that is the same for me. I started this series a long long time ago and never finished. I remember the same thing they where quick and fun to read. I plan to go back to where I left off someday. Thank’s for checking out my review Jennifer!

    1. It’s been years since I’ve read a book in the Broken Heart series. Both these characters where featured before and I vaguely remembered them, but I was a bit disappointed with the title, cover, and story. The title didn’t fit the book and neither did the cover then we have the book it’s self and it just need more. Everything happened fast and falls into place. It was still enjoyable, not my favorite, but still fun.

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