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Review: Heated Pursuit (Alpha Security #1) by April Hunt


Heated Pursuit is book one in the Alpha Security series by April Hunt. I picked this one up; because so many others raved about this book. I feel like I read a completely different book than what everyone else read. When I finished this one. I was like “Finally! It’s over!” 

I won’t go so far as to say I hated it, but it did have too many things that bothered me. It also had some good stuff too, so there were positives and negatives, but it just didn’t work out for me as I was hoping.

What I liked:

– I liked the Alpha Security team.
– I liked that action and suspense.
– The last 20% of the book.

What I Didn’t Like:

– The start. It wasn’t a great start or introduction to the novel. I was a little puzzled and confused in the first few chapters.

– Penny. I had so many issues with our heroine. I never felt her character and she shouldn’t have been on the Op. It just didn’t feel like she was qualified or ready for this type of deal. 

– In the beginning of the book she gets picked up by men in fatigues and hoods, so how does she know WHO these mystery men are? How does she know about the Alpha Security team? Yes, one of them is her brother and she knows that he is part of something, but how can she be so familiar with all the others; especially since she has been estranged from her brother for a long time (family issues). Question after question just from the first few pages.

– Next. The guys decide it’s a good idea to send a non-trainee undercover. (I was not feeling this; especially when she does some stupid things that almost blow their cover.) She was informed that their would be bugs everywhere in this bad guy’s house and in every room and what does she do?

– Their where at least two incidents where she almost blows their cover. The first time she get’s to their room and was about to get into it with Rafe about something. (Don’t remember the something) This something would have blown their cover sky-hi. How does Rafe save them? Well he kisses her and then they have mind blowing sex and then she realizes she was about to blow their cover. This is just one of the incidents in the book. Ahhhhh!

– Rafe and Penny have been in the jungle on the run for two days now. They somehow end up getting hot and heavy; kissing, clothes coming off, him about to go down on her. Can we just say, ewww! Almost sex, no clean clothes, no shower, no teeth cleaning. Totally turned me off. The only thing that stops this from happening is that he sees a bandage on her leg that he didn’t know about. 

– Last, I never got a romance. Ya, these two have lust and boy is it combustible, but I never felt it go deeper than that. 

Heated Pursuit wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t for me. I may or may not give the next book a try. It had some good things going for it, like the Alpha Security team and suspense, but when the lead character doesn’t appeal, well you have a hard time enjoy the book. 

Rated: 2 Stars

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  1. It happens now and then. I read your review and saw you had fun with it. That was one of the reasons I decided to give this book a try, but unfortunately too many things bugged me.

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