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Review: Rival Forces (K-9 Rescue #4) by D.D. Ayres


Ayres has definitely climbed on my “must read” list with this phenomenal series. I’m relishing each and every novel in the K-9 Rescue series which gives us a touch of danger, loyal canine companions, fierce heroines, and tantalizing heroes. 

Rival Forces is book four in the series. It does read well enough as a standalone, but Yardley is featured in the other novels and we get to see a little of who she is and what might be going on, before we dive into her book, so this one I’d recommend reading after you started from the beginning.

I enjoyed Yardley and Kye together. They have a past history, one that needs to be resolved, but first he’s got to figure out whats going on with her and avoid the danger that has come calling.

The chemistry and attraction just flowed off them and the pages. They both love dogs and are involved with working and handling them. Both are strong-willed, stubborn, kickass and take no prisoners. It makes for an interesting pair up. Boy oh boy do the sparks fly. I will say we get a very enchanting dance that happens (he’s from Hawaii), oh my, that part had me glued to the page. 

The suspense was nicely done and brought all kinds of unknown danger. It keeps you turning those pages to find out what will happen next and it gave us a chance to see both dogs do their thing. I really enjoyed how each dog was trained for something different and how well they worked together, just like their owners. 

This series is outstanding. I’m in love! I had a phenomenal time reading Rival Forces and the second chance romance was a delight. 

Rated: 4 Stars

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