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10 Quick Things About Me

This year I’m trying some new things with discussion topics and getting a little more personal. When I interview authors I sometimes ask them 10 Quick Things About themselves. I thought I’d share with you the 10 Quick Things questions and ask them of myself. 

10 Quick Things About Me

— Favorite Food?

New York Strip Steak

— Favorite Drink?

Diet Coke, but if we go alcoholic Bahama Mama

— Favorite Color?

Green. Almost all the colors in green, except puke green. I can’t stand cars that have puke green coloring..

— Favorite Book?

This one is tough. Hmmm…. I don’t have one favorite book. I have many. I’ll share my Top 3 and you can stop by my Must Read list on the blog to see more great books.

[su_list icon=”icon: bookmark” icon_color=”#2c6031″]


— Favorite Season?

Spring or Summer

— Favorite Online Hangout?


— Favorite Animal?

Horses. My favorite is the Appaloosa, because it comes in many different colors and patterns. Each is unique. Just like the Australia Shepherd breed for dogs. Another favorite animal.  

(Photo taken by me (Angela) – This is one of our 2003 colts. My family use to breed and raise Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, and Lipizzaner. 

— Favorite Band or Musician? 

Now I manly listen to The Piano GuysLindsey Stirling, Pentatonix.

When I was younger in my teen’s and 20’s I use to listen to a lot of music, but now not so much. I prefer to read and I can’t do both. To distracting.

I grew up on Aerosmith and Yanni, got into Metallica and U2. I never had a favorite Band or Musician. I have always liked a verity of musical from country, classical, oldies, rock, techno, alternative… 


— Favorite Vacation Destination?

Disney World or a Beach

— Favorite Movie or TV Show of all Time?

Favorite movie Gone in 60 Seconds. It’s because of the car – Shelby GTO 500, sexy… Favorite TV Show is The Big Bang Theory


I’d love to know what your favorites are to the 10 Quick Things? Drop me a note!



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31 thoughts on “10 Quick Things About Me

  1. THANK YOU to everyone who stopped in. I got a lot of wonderful questions. I’m excited to put together an interview post with all these questions from my wonderful followers. ^_^

  2. I totally understand about choosing a favorite book! I have no favorite, but I have a lot I really love. So that would be a hard question for me, too.

    Also, I love that picture of the appaloosa! I’d love to own an appaloosa one day myself. How cool that your family bred them.

    1. Welcome Rachel. I can’t really choose a favorite book because I have many. It was great growing up with horses. I hope to one day return to having one.

  3. Thank’s. I thought this would be a fun post and with me trying to add more discussion topics and other things to the blog.
    Oh me too. I love the Low Rider scene. I always get giddy and sing along. ^_^ Oh we have a lot in common, ya! Fruity drinks are my thing – I like frozen and non, as long as it’s fruity.

  4. I actually didn’t realize that Australian Shepherds are all different, just like Appaloosas. I have two Aussies that look very different, but I thought they were just examples of two different standard patterns (my one girl is a red merle, so she’s got really unique markings)—plus they’re both mixes, we believe, so it’s hard to know what aspects of their coloring comes from that.

    1. Ya, I love the Aussie breed. Each is unique with their coloring and patterns. I love color in my pets and animal friends ^_^. My Aussie is a Blue Merle, with blue eyes. Thank’s for stopping in and sharing. I love that their is another Aussie lover around.

  5. This is a fun post and a great way to get to know you. I love fruity drinks so a bahama mama sounds good. I also love the movie Gone in 60 Seconds for the car! I also love that scene when they play Low Rider before going out lol.

  6. Welcome Debbie. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I thought it would be a fun way to share. ^_^ Thank’s for stopping in and I would love to see you back. I like meeting new people/followers.

  7. I have a question. Do you read series or do you prefer to go all over? I have noticed the books you read seem to be all over. I’m actually jealous that you can do that. I can not. I have to have books in series.

  8. Glad you liked the post. I thought it would be fun and so many are enjoying it. ^_^ I usually end my day watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory that I’ve recorded. They are so funny, love the weird characters, and it makes my day complete to catch an episode now and then.

    1. You are welcome! Green has always been my favorite. I love all the different colors. I also like Piña Colada, but the Bahama Mama’s have become more my drink now. ^_^

  9. Angela, we would get along just fine. I have an eclectic taste in music and like some songs from the band’s mention. Bahama Mamas are perfect at the beach while we enjoy a nice juicy steak.

    1. Kimba, Oh we sure would get along. ^_^ I love the beach, relaxing, having a nice drink, reading, and of course a great meal at a beach side dinner.

  10. You are welcome on the giveaway. I also like little post like this that show us about the blogger. They are fun. My mom was big on Kiss, Arrowsmith, The Beach Boys, and so I listened to them growing up. I still like Arrowsmith, but have also found string and instrumental music relaxing and fun.

  11. What a fun post. It is always so nice to get to know your fellow bloggers. I also listen to a variety of music. My mom taught us to love classical music and soft rock, while dad showed us the wild side, so I will listen to anything from classical to heavy metal. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. Great Question. I’ll add it to the list, so keep an eye out for a future post answer all these wonderful question I’m being asked.

  13. I love Lindsey Stirling too. I like the winter time because it really doesn’t get too cold here, no snow or anything like that and the summers are crazy hot here.

    1. I use to live in Indiana and Minnesota. The winter is full of snow. I like snow, but it’s just to cold. Burr!! I’ve always been a spring/summer girl. I love the new life and everything coming out to play – plants and animals. Stirling is wonderful. I have all her music and listen constantly. The music videos are cool too. ^_^

  14. Ok – my question is cover do overs or no? Do you buy all the covers, the originals only, or just your favorites?

  15. What an awesome post! I always enjoy getting to know the wonderful bloggers that make the book blogging community so great.

    I’m new to blogging and book reviewing, and I was wondering if you had any tips for newbie bloggers and book reviewers.

    1. Thank you Breeny’s Books. I find learning about bloggers in the community is nice. It’s easy to share a little about yourself, but not give to much away. I like to read fun posts like this or little interviews with the blogger.

      I still feel like a new blogger even with 3-years under me. I’m always learning something new. I continue to grow and change as the years go on. Sometimes I feel like I’m the KING and other day’s not so much. It’s great when I finally figure something out wither it’s on the blog and changing something or learning a new trick to make posting easier.

      Reviewing: I did a post in June on Tips On Writing A Book Review. Feel free to check it out. These are things I learned and what works for me. Everyone reviews differently. All I can say is find what works for you, try improve on it, and stick with it. Don’t forget to have fun!

      – Don’t pirate.
      – Don’t over book yourself on requesting to many reviews. If you commit to reviewing make sure to complete it on time. To many bloggers at the begging see all those pretty books or join review teams and then get bogged down with to much.
      – Don’t take pictures off the internet (Google). (All those copyright issues. Which I still don’t understand) Get your pictures of a stock photo site that you pay for VectorStock or a free stock site AllTheFreeStock.com. I use both to find pictures to use on my blog. Most I paid for. Pictures that come in a tour are ok.
      – Use the scheduling drive on your site for posts. It is a god send to be able to schedule my posts and leave them. They go up on the date and time I set. Really an amazing time saver. ^_^
      – Use a calendar to book your reviews, tours, or what every you put on your blog. I like to use my google calendar to keep track. Others like to have an actual paper calendar they write on. Find what works for you.

      I’m sure their is more and I’ll think of it later, but now you can get started and well maybe I’ll do a post on advice for a new blogger. I know I read a few before I started blogging.

      Take Care! ^_^

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