Movie Review: Cars 3 (2017)


Cars 3 was AWSOME. Really it’s a great movie for kids and adults. 

We went to see Cars 3 on opening day. My 5-year-old son loved the move and he said I quote: “Can we see it again. That was AMAZING!!” He was glued to the screen from the opening scene to the very end. 

As for me I loved seeing all the old characters and meeting new ones. I liked going back to Docs roots and where he started his carrier. I liked Cruz who is currently Lightning McQueens coach/trainer, yet things change and she learns a lot from Lightning. I will say it was sad to see McQueen face some hard facts; that he may not be able to bet these young racers and may never be the McQueen he once was. I was hoping for him to have a big comeback after his accident, but life doesn’t always allow that to happen no mater how hard you try, but when one door closes another opens and Lightening learns this lesson. 

5 AMAZING Stars from my son and 5 WONDERFUL entertaining stars from me. 




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    1. Glad you enjoyed the Movie Review for Cars 3. Hope you enjoy. Cars, all the Cars, are our favorites to watch over and over.

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