Movie Review: Captain Marvel (2019)


What can I say! I love the Marvel Movie Universe. Captain Marvel was AMAZING. I went to see it in the theater and loved it.

Captain Marvel is a bad-ass, tenacious women, battling evil and her own demons. Brie Larson did a great job with the Captain Marvel character. I love strong women who kick-ass, take names, and give as good as they get. I also enjoyed the trip back into the 90’s. Dang, their where so many fun songs in the film that it sent me down memory lane. I really enjoyed seeing Nick Fury; before he started The Avenger Initiative. We get to see how it began and how he lost his eye. I always wondered about his eye. No, I haven’t read any of the comics so, for me it was nice to see these things.

Captain Marvel was a blast and well worth seeing in theaters. As always Marvel adds something at the end to tie into another superhero movie and we get a sneak peek at Avengers Endgame. It just adds to my excitement. 




6 thoughts on “Movie Review: Captain Marvel (2019)

  1. Awesome review Angela!!! Sounds like a great movie!!! Shared on my socials!!??

    Have a fabulous weekend!???

  2. I love movies like this as well. I just can’t get enough!! So glad to hear you enjoyed it.

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