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Tell Me Something Tuesday: Favorite Romantic Couples New and Old

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This weeks question:

Who are your favorite romantic couples new and old?

Kate Daniels series: Really their is no explaining this couple Kate and Curran. They just rock and how their relationship develops between the books into what it is now going into the last and final installment. Amazing. I LOVE both these two. 


Mercy Thompson series: Another no explaining this couple Mercy and Adam. Their dynamics work. I was frustrated with Adam at one point in the series, but still this couple will always work for me. 

Hidden Legacy series: Nevada & Rogan. These two aren’t a couple yet, but are on their way. Rogan has his eye set on winning Nevada over. I’m looking forward to see how these two battle it out; before they get together. Both are such strong and unique characters. 

MoonshadowNikolas and Sophie. They have this connection that works, even with all the head butting, and once they give in, oh boy, do the sparks fly.

Beauty and the Highland Beast: This one sticks out for me, because I don’t read Historical Romance, but just look at that cover. The cover and blurb, plus a recommendation from Herding Cats & Burning Soup had me having to give this story a try. 

Fia and Dair. Both have scares inside and out, he’s bold and she’s gentle, so they complement each other. They both needed someone to see them, help them heal, and see past the scars. Watching them come together was sweet and endearing.

Psy-Changeling series: Ok, so I can’t just pick one in this series. I have a few couples that are my favorites. Lucas & Sascha, the couple that started it all, Slave to Sensation. Judd & Brenna from Caressed by Ice. Hawke & Sienna from Kiss of Snow. And, Last for now is Kaleb & Sahara from Heart of Obsidian.



I could go own, but these couples have become my favorites. Ones that have stuck with me and continue too. I’ve reread their books and will keep rereading them. 



I’d love for you to share with me some of your favorite couples new or old!



9 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Tuesday: Favorite Romantic Couples New and Old

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too, Heidi. I liked this TMST question for this week. All these couples are fun and wonderful to fall for. Thank’s for stopping bye.

  2. These are some good ones. Hands down my all-time favorite is Kate and Curran. I also love Raphael and Elena (Guild Hunter, Nalini Singh) While there are have books with fabulous love stories in them, it’s the couples whose stories traverse multiple books that touch me the most.

    1. I agree Kate and Curran are my all time favorite. I do love the couples that span a bunch of books building that relationship I’ve also come to enjoy those that are retired just in one book, but the multiples are the best. It gives them that time to build grow fight and fall in love. ^_^

    1. LOL Samantha, I know that feeling. I keep finding books to add to my TBR especially when I visit my favorite blogs. I’m so trying this year to work through the older books and read a bunch of new to me authors and series. But ya, you should most defiantly give the Psy-Changling series a try. It’s one of my top five favorites to read. Thank’s for stopping bye.

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