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Review: Barbarian Alien (Ice Planet Barbarians #2) by Ruby Dixon



Barbarian Alien is book two in the Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon. Here we have Liz and Raahosh story.

The world and characters Ms. Dixon has created are fascinating. Each character is unique and you can connect to them. I like the dual-POV’s. They help give us both Liz and Raahosh perspective.

We have a couple here who need to work on their communication. Raahosh is not a talker and Liz, well she talks too much. Raahosh has some deep wounds in his soul that need healing. Having a mate gives him that chance to finally heal and have a family, but it doesn’t come easily. Liz puts up a fight.

The one thing I really didn’t like was Liz’s treatment of Raahosh. I dislike a heroine who will smack a hero. I get that she is frustrated with her situation and that many if not all of her choices have been taken away from her, but to treat Raahosh the way she does with her actions and words, was disappointing. It made me dislike Liz.

Finally around the 35% range Liz has a revelation and gets her ass in gear. She apologizes and gives him a chance and starts to learn about the world. Once they progress, I finally fell into the story. They have a few challenges to get through with the tribe; before they can be together. It’s sad, sweet, and sexy.

I’m very much enjoying this Sci-Fi Romance series. Even though Barbarian Alien was not at the top of my list in this series. I still enjoyed it enough to go out and buy the next book. All the characters have enthralled me.

Rated: 3.5 Stars

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