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TTT: Books I’d Slay a Lion to Get Early

This week’s Tuesday Top Ten is Books I’d Slay a Lion to Get Early. I do have to say I’m blessed with the opportunity to read many advance reader copies (ARCs) of books and I appreciate the opportunity to get those early copies. Now I’ve also started to not pick up as many ARC’s as I use too, but some of them are tricker to get or the publisher/authors never release an ARC for one reason or another.

I had some trouble picking out 10 and only got 6. I’m not as excited as I use to be and their are very few authors that make it to my have to have list, so the following books are titles I’d really love to get my hands on early.

Magic Triumphs, Archangel’s Prophecy, Tiger Striped, Dimond Fire: A Hidden Legacy Novella, Cross Breed, & Shades of Wicked



Which books would you love to read early?


9 thoughts on “TTT: Books I’d Slay a Lion to Get Early

  1. Most of the early books in the Breed series aren’t published anymore. I had to find them at my library. I’m hoping they get re-published one day. I still have one more to read in the series before this one comes out. As for the others; I LOVE them and can’t wait. ^_^ Thank’s Melanie for stopping in.

  2. I still have one more book to read in the Breeds series; before I’m caught up, but Cross Breed is about a character I’ve seen a lot of in the series and have really wanted to see what her story would be… If I’d gotten into Grant’s Dark King series I’d have picked Torched too. Thank’s for visiting.

  3. Shades wicked,Death doesn’t bargain,Shadow and ice and Karen Marie moning’s next book in the fever series!!

  4. I could have picked books that aren’t yet notified to readers. We know that more Embrace series by Kerrelyn Sparks is coming and a few other authors have more books in series coming, but I went with books I know release dates on and have been notified are coming. ^_^

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