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Review: Twice the Witch (Beechwood Harbor Magic Mystery #2) by Danielle Garrett

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Review: Twice the Witch (Beechwood Harbor Magic Mystery #2) by Danielle GarrettTwice the Witch by Danielle Garrett
Series: Beechwood Harbor Magic Mystery #2
on September 19, 2016
Genres: Cozy Mystery, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Mystery
Pages: 316
Format: eBook
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There's a new witch in town...

Jealousy is rearing its ugly head in Beechwood Harbor as Holly contends with her new roommate, and popular paranormal soap star, Evangeline Loren. Especially when the new witch in town turns her flirtatious smile towards Adam St. James, Holly's newly minted boyfriend.

But before she can wrench Adam from Evangeline's clutches, she has an amnesiac ghost begging for her help and finds herself smack dab in the middle of another murder investigation in the small town.

Holly has to track down the murderer and save her relationship ... all without landing herself in a witch’s duel.

Twice the Witch is a spunky paranormal mystery set inside the coastal town of Beechwood Harbor, where vampires, ghosts, shifters, and witches all live, work, play, and—mostly—get along. It is book two in the Beechwood Harbor Magic Mystery series.


Twice the Witch is book two in the Beechwood Harbor Magic Mystery series by Danielle Garrett. It’s an adorable fun cozy mystery.

This one picks up about a month after Murder’s a Witch. Holly is settling into her life in Beechwood Harbor. She is contemplates her life and where she wants it to go, she is leery in confiding with her boyfriend Adam about her past, and she’s also a bit jealous of the newcomer Evangeline who is another witch.

This story picks up speed quickly. We meet a newly deceased ghost and find ourselves wrapped up in the murder investigation. She is determined to help out Nick, the town’s PI. I really enjoyed the murder mystery. It’s clever and exciting. I found myself wrapped up in it, even when I was worried Holly was sabotaging her relationship with Adam; because of how much time she spends with Nick.

Besides the murder mystery, Twice the Witch explores a little of Holly’s past and the Haven system. If you really want to know the full story check out, A Witch of a Day, prequel to the series. In Twice the Witch we get little clues on her eviction from the Haven system and why she is leery in confiding in Adam. By the end we get to see her relationship solidity and we also get a great cast of characters to enjoying in upcoming titles.

Twice the Witch is a fun engaging cozy paranormal mystery. I’m really liking this series. I like how the author gives us a mystery, light romance, and great characters to enjoy.

Rated: 4 Stars

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