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Review: Having the Barbarian’s Baby (Ice Planet Barbarians #6.5) by Ruby Dixon


Having the Barbarian’s Baby is a short story in the Ice Planet Barbarians series. It features Megan and Cashol. Megan never got her own book, but ended up mating off the bat. 

She’s got some attachment issues. On earth her boyfriend left her alone and pregnant, then the aliens kidnapped her and ended the pregnancy, and now she’s on this alien planet mated and pregnant, afraid to be alone. 

Cashol is a sweet, fun guy and total into his pregnant mate. He doesn’t want to leave her side, but he needs to do his far share of the hunting, which he has been neglecting; because his mate can’t stand the thought of him going. 

It was a nice short story in the series. Showing one of the couples we didn’t get a full novel on. It was sweet what Cashol does for his mate, a treasure hunt, while he is gone out hunting. 

Rated: 3 Stars

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    1. Yes, I can see the title as ridiculous, but if you have read the series then these little short stories/novellas are nice to showcase other aspects of life and people we have come to know. ^_^

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