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Review: Calm: Slice of Life Short Stories (Ice Planet Barbarians #7.5) by Ruby Dixon


The Ice Planet Barbarians series should be read in order. As for Calm this one should be read after Barbarian’s Touch. Fan’s will enjoy the little slice of life in the barbarian tribe we have come to know and love.

Calm is about Maylak and Kashrem. We get a peek into their lives. We get to see how hard the healer works to take care of those in the tribe, her fears, and the upcoming birth of their child. We also get to visit all the previous couples and their families.

Calm is a nice slice in the lives of the Ice Planet Barbarians. I enjoyed this short story.

Rated: 3 Stars

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10 thoughts on “Review: Calm: Slice of Life Short Stories (Ice Planet Barbarians #7.5) by Ruby Dixon

  1. That cover unsettled me for a bit: blue baby, is it dead? lol

    Maybe this is how Loki looked like when he was a baby. Ha!

  2. Interesting cover. Thanks for the heads up about reading in order. I like the little side stories mixed in with a series and usually grab them all.

    1. Some side stories in series can be read on their own, but others need to go in order with the series. I like to know if I can read the short’s or novellas out of order. Ya, the cover is a little unsettling and different. Thank’s for visiting.

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