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Top 10 of 2016: Best Book Covers 2016


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We’re kicking off today with the best book covers of 2016. These are books that where released in 2016 with some pretty awesome covers to salivate over.
I do love covers and well this was a hard one to pick only 10 for.
What I base my pick’s on are: vivid colors, that the cover complements the story, and of course hot guys will always get me to pick up the book and look closer.


Best Book Covers of 2016

One Fell Sweep
Taken by Storm
Archangel’s Heart
The Devil in Disguise
A Promise of Fire
Beaty and the Highland Beast
Fire Touched
Fan the Flames
Reaper’s Fire

Honorary Mentions Go To:

Guardian’s Mate
Liquid Fire
Fish Out of Water
The Darkest Torment
Of Flame and Light



What are your picks for Best Book Covers of 2016?


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12 thoughts on “Top 10 of 2016: Best Book Covers 2016

  1. So many great covers here. Great books too. I love great covers. It’s really hard to NOT judge a book by it’s cover. I try to, but yeah. I’ve picked up books that weren’t good because of covers and I’ve read a few that had horrible covers (but not until someone convinced me to). Happy New Year!

    1. Covers are the first thing we see on a book. They will either get us to look deeper or not into a book. I LOVE Covers and I agree it’s just to hard to not judge a book by the cover. Thank’s for stopping bye.

    1. I love the covers of the Mercy Thompson series too. I can’t wait for the next one. Thank’s for checking out my picks on best covers!

    1. Thank you Alyssa. I just love green and Beauty and the Highland Beast makes it pop nicely. I enjoyed the story more then I thought I would. I’m not big on Historical Romance or Contemporary Romance’s so when I find one that I enjoy it’s a nice change.

    1. Several gorgeous covers in 2016. It was so hard to pick. The green in Cornwall’s just pops nicely, Ashley always has some great covers for her Shifter Unbound series, and Bouchet’s cover is just stunning. Thank’s for checking out my picks for 2016 covers.

    1. It is a striking cover. The Weird Girls series is a fun and emotional series to read. I’ve found all the covers to be appealing and can’t wait to see what comes next. Thank’s for checking out my picks for 2016 covers.

    1. Yes I agree. Green is my favorite color and when its incorporated beautifully into a cover well I’m draw to it. The story of Beauty and the Highland Beast was a fun one to read. Thank’s for checking out my Cover Picks for 2016.

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