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Review: MC Bear My Baby (Beartooth Brotherhood MC #2) by Bella Love-Wins


MC Bear My Baby is book two in the Beartooth Brotherhood MC by Bella Love-Wins. This title can be rad as a standalone. I have not read this author before and found myself enjoying MC Bear My Baby. We get a verity of shifters and immortals.

The Beartooth Brotherhood MC has turned over a new leaf and are now on the up and up doing security work and jobs. This doesn’t mean they arent’ still the badass bickers.

Molly has an interesting background. She’s tough and wants what she wants.

Tate is a man whore and likes his kink. He bangs his friends mother. Yuk!! Not much else to say except he does have some issues, but once you get to know him he’s kinda cuddle and he cares.

Molly and Tate have been fooling around for over six months, no relationship, just sex. It’s a mutual understanding until Molly’s ex-boyfriend starts to stalk her.

I wasn’t sure what to make of this story at the beginning. Tate’s a man whore and I kept wondering if he slept with Molly without protection then who else did he do that with or was it because subconsciously his bear new something and so he conveniently forgets the protection with her? As the story progress something’s come to light and life takes a turn. I found myself enjoy this story more than I thought and Tate started to grow on me. There were fun conversations and scenes as well as few surprises and twists. The ending was sweet.

I don’t know if I’ll read more in this series, but it was enjoyable and had several interesting concepts, like this mysterious immortal who can turn humans into shifters, and what made the Beartooth Brotherhood MC change their ways. 

Rated: 3 Stars

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    1. I was glad it was free at the time I picked it up. I don’t think I’d buy this. It has some things not so much for me, but for the most part I enjoyed it.

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