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Review: Star Witch (The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Magic #2) by Helen Harper

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Review: Star Witch (The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Magic #2) by Helen HarperStar Witch by Helen Harper
Series: The Lazy Girl's Guide to Magic #2
on July 10, 2017
Genres: Mystery, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Pages: 332
Format: eBook
Source: Bought

Lights. Camera. Inaction.

Ivy Wilde, the laziest witch in the West, is still entangled with the Hallowed Order of Magical Enlightenment. That's not a bad thing, however, because it gives her plenty of excuses to spend more time with sapphire eyed Raphael Winter, her supposed nemesis. And when he comes knocking because he needs her to spy on the latest series of Enchantment, she jumps at the chance. Hanging around a film set can't be hard ... or dangerous ... right?

Star Witch is book two in The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Magic by Helen Harper. 

OMG this was another AMAZING and FUN novel in The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Magic. I had a blast reading this novel.

The murder mystery was unique. As to who did it well I didn’t guess correctly neither did the characters. It’s great how the author keeps it hidden until the very end. I love being surprised on who did it. 

The romance angel was subtle and weaved into the story nicely. I liked that the romance was secondary to the story. We see Winter and Ivy growing closer together, but with the ending we are left wondering a few things. That ending was a shocker!

The epilogue was all in Winter’s POV and I really enjoyed that. I also liked how the author had Brutus, Ivy’s familiar and talking cat, say more then the two words we’ve been getting in this novel.

Star Witch was such a fun read. I couldn’t put it down. I really like this series and it’s fun characters.

Rated: 4 Stars

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10 thoughts on “Review: Star Witch (The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Magic #2) by Helen Harper

  1. Oh… this sounds really good. I love a solid UF with a romance subplot (and no back and forth or triangle). I’ll have to keep my eyes open for this one. Thanks.

    1. It’s a fun series and has only 3 books in it plus a novella. I liked our lazy witch a lot. She was fun and funny. Its cozy mystery, urban fantasy, with a little sub romance. It’s also out in audio and available in KU. Hope you enjoy!

  2. This series is fun cozy mystery with some nice humor to make you smile or laugh. I had fun with The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Magic series. I’m curious how they sound in audio. They seem like they would be fun in audio. ^_^

  3. Sorry you didn’t care for the translation. This series was a fun! I liked our lazy witch Ivy. Her life completely changes in the first book and the fun continues in this 3 book series with 1 novella.

    1. Brutus we meet in book one. He’s her familiar aka cat that she did a spell on and made it so he can speak, but all he saids is FOOD… He can say more, but doesn’t unless he feels like it. He’s a funny element in the series.

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